The How-What Does Contracting Need to Change & How

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The Year of Transformation: Maximizing value through collaborative and agile relationships

Now that we understand that contracting must redefine the function and its role, in Session Two we will explore what needs to change and how to do it:

  • To make change happen you need to know your starting point. We will introduce the elements of a Transformation Blueprint which will be used to assess where you are.
  • To move to a competitive differentiator (the top level of the maturity model) you MUST change who you consider to be a stakeholder (internal AND trading partners), the way you engage with those stakeholders (focus on their Decision Drivers) and your approach to collaborating and working with your trading partners.
  • The essential contracting role is a strategic business partner, internal consultant and change leader.
  • As a strategic business partner / internal consultant Contracting must bring together their internal partners with their customers / suppliers to create alignment and match risk between the two parties.

Making the change happen will require a heavy dose of change leadership which may be the biggest challenge for your group. Your role as a change leader requires you to have these competencies as well.

We will explore the following questions:

  • What is the changing role of the contracting function and how it can be a competitive differentiator?
  • Why is the change is necessary?
  • After assessing the above, where are you today and what must you do to transform?
  • How do you make the transformation happen?
  • What are the business benefits associated with the change?

The Presentation

Download the presentation here: exec-webinar-the-how-3-23-16-final

Part 1 of this 2 part series part of IACCM Executive Leadership Webinars: The Why – Contracting Must Change and What will Happen if We Don’t?

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Dalip Raheja
Dalip Raheja is President and CEO of The Mpower Group (TMG). Dalip has over 30 years of experience managing large organizations and change initiatives. He has worked across the spectrums of supply chain management, strategic sourcing, and management consulting.

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