Executive Webinar Series: Truth or Dare: Globalization – Transforming your Supply Chain Risk Management to Maximize Arbitrage

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Executive Webinar Series



Global markets have changed and permanently altered the way companies do global business.  Yet, many companies have yet to adapt and change the way they conduct business to stay ahead of the curve.  The maximum impact has been felt on Supply Chains because even if you don’t sell globally, you’re buying globally (intentionally or otherwise)

Thursday – February 9, 2017

10 AM – 11 AM CST (No Cost)


The recent events (political, social, climate etc.) and its subsequent fallout have changed the way the world does business.  Former risk level standards are no longer acceptable, and businesses must rethink supplier relationships.  However, new opportunities have also been created and are waiting to be exploited as competitive advantages for astute businesses.

Ask yourself – would my organization be prepared if . . . . . . . . . .?

  • Major shift in political landscape changes global economic conditions
  • OPEC starts production/price management again
  • CSR requirements eliminate number of countries as options
  • A major European port is shut down for weeks due to a strike, earthquake, hurricane or attack?
  • A major tier two offshore supplier suddenly goes bankrupt or ceases operations altogether?
  • The lead time – not to mention the costs – to obtain key commodity inputs triples?
  • Energy and oil costs once again soar globally?
  • Instability within Middle East expands and South America goes “red” and continues to nationalize private businesses?
  • A major offshore supplier decides to enter your space and markets with a lower cost copycat product?

This two-part webinar will focus on how to distinguish between a known “risk” and an unknown “uncertainty” – you can manage risks.  It will cover the tools to create a risk management framework for global supply chains and specific client examples to illustrate how they have been successfully utilized.

Events underscore the very real fact that the rules that we thought governed the global market place either never applied, or have been irrevocably changed.  Either way doing business globally will never be the same again. This workshop examines conventional wisdom about current global events and challenges that wisdom with “unconventional” alternatives which yield valuable insights into the new rules of engagement for the global economy.  Based on the lessons learned from examining real events, such as how former standards of acceptable risk weakened the fabric of the global market, attendees will be given a new framework for doing business in the new global economy.

Attendees will experience a paradigm shift about risk vs. uncertainty, and be given the tools necessary to shift from being at the mercy of unknown “uncertainties” to managing known risks within extended supply chains (i.e. what can be done to manage the risk level of a supplier’s supplier?)

This two-part workshop also examines new opportunities created by the changing market and ideas for investing in the downturn that will yield sustainable competitive advantage.



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