Webinar- The Journey from Strategic Sourcing to Category Management – The Secret Sauce Series OR Opening the Kimono

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We are often asked how we help our clients get to Category Management and we have decided to share the recipe.  Over the next three webinars we will be sharing our secret sauce and the Top 10 Big Ideas that we deploy on behalf of our clients.  While we won’t have time to go deep into every topic, you will still get a good idea about how we do it.  Here are the 4 topics that we will be covering in the first webinar.

  1. Right Stakeholders/Business Intent: Too often, we take the easy way out and go with the obvious and known stakeholders.  It’s not until l we force ourselves to expand our pool of stakeholders and identify their need that we discover the true business intent of that category.
  2. Change Management: Without deploying a robust Change Management capability, the road to Category Management typically leads nowhere.  Successfully challenging people to change behaviors and how they make decisions is critical in getting to Category Management.
  3. Seek out Value Drivers: Knowing the real Value Drivers of your stakeholders is key to converting their resistance to proactive support.  Trying to convince your Chief Marketing officer to support your cost saving initiative of 2% on the print budget is a lost cause because that’s not his/her  Value Driver.
  4. Context vs. Content: You’ve heard the statement that “Context always trumps Content” yet organizations invest millions of dollars in “Content” and are surprised when the results are not there.

Joins us at our next webinar to learn how we tackle these issues for our clients with actual client case studies as illustrations.  We will open our kimonos and share our secret sauce with you.

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