New Podcast Episode: Category Management – Strategy

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Category Management is the latest advancement of the Strategic Sourcing process and is taking our professional community by storm. What needs to happen within your organization to make the transition from Strategic Sourcing to Category Management? Category Management Musing(s?) will provide that answer by using our Category Management Maturity Model(CMMM) as the framework. Our first domain in the CMMM is Strategy and, we will share with you real life stories from the field combined with our research. You will get to hear the four biggest learning/challenges we have curated from our many engagements and research projects that are at the core of an effective Strategy for our function. In addition, you will also hear about the Predictors of Success when it comes to being effective at Strategy. These are indicators that we use to quickly assess clients and prospects chances of success in their Transformations.

Listen to the podcast:  Category Management – Strategy

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  1. Saving this podcast to listen later! I’m wondering how the CMMM framework is changing during the global pandemic. I know this was recorded well before most of the social distancing measures were put in plcae, but I’m still interested. Thanks!

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