Supply Chain Webinar: Coronavirus or COVID 19 – Structural, Tectonic, Long Term and Fundamental Changes

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There perhaps has not been an event like this virus (Coronavirus) in a while and yet, the argument is that this is not a Black Swan event!! This has and will have some REAL changes in a number of different areas that we need to be incorporating today.

  1.  Daily Lives: Social distancing, shaking hands, how we cough, how we shop, use of disinfectants, use of cash, how/where we travel etc. – All of these and more may become routine and not a reaction to current events. This may actually lead to fewer instances and deaths from influenza.
  2. Corporations: Travel policies may change permanently. Remote work will become more of the norm.
  3. Supply Chains: Shift importance from TCO to Risk as decision factor in Supply Chain decisions; Permanent de-coupling from China. More control over value creating process – less outsourcing.
  4. Crisis Response: Primarily dependent on effective “Response Supply Chains” and there is no global solution to that. Governments willing to invest in permanent military Supply Chains in case needed but not on these Supply Chains. Join us for a lively debate and discussion and find out how others are approaching these issues. Getting ahead of them will provide you with enhanced credibility with your Stakeholders and a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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