About TMG

The Mpower Group is in the business of Mpowering our clients to accelerate superior business outcomes by unleashing the full potential of their Strategic Sourcing / Supply Chain organizations. We are a global consulting firm dedicated to serving the needs of Fortune 500 Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain organizations. We help our clients by:

  • Accelerating Strategic Transformation: Rapidly move client organizations along The Mpower Group’s Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Maturity Model to peak performance levels.
  • Building Exceptional Talent: Advance the competencies of our clients’ Sourcing and Supply Chain professionals to World-Class performance levels.
  • Maximizing Deal Value: Help clients realize full value from large and/or complex deals by focusing on A) Total Cost of Ownership before and during negotiations, and B) a sustainable implementation once the deal has been reached.

The Mpower Group is a World-Class  consultancy that delivers big results with a boutique feel. We are Woman and Minority owned.


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