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Gaining Respect in the Supply Chain -Getting to 300X – Part II

A few weeks ago I shared a presentation I did at the Investment Recovery Association annual conference. I stopped just short of “how to” move form 30X to 300X. So, here goes . . . . .  If you agree that IR has the opportunity…

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Investment (Asset) Recovery – Getting to 300X

Two weeks ago I did a presentation at the Investment Recovery Association annual conference.  I knew my approach was edgy and therefore I fully expected to have things thrown at me – at least in people’s minds.  What I did not expect was to have…

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Critic or Coach?

At The Mpower Group we are strong proponents of Competency Based Talent Management.  One of the greatest assets most organizations have is their talent, yet few companies make the investment in that asset relative to other investments.   A large part of our consulting practice in…

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I Wish I had a Dollar for Every. . . . .

. . recommendation that sits on a shelf, suggestion that is not acted upon, training dollar that has no return on investment, report generated that is never looked at, project that is started but never implemented or adopted. My guess is that each and every person reading this has the same wish. We participate in studies, surveys, trainings, brainstorming / feedback/ crowdsourcing sessions, and walk away, rolling our eyes because we know that it was a complete waste of time and going nowhere.

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Avoiding Pitfalls in Strategy Execution

According to the article, “a recent survey of more than 400 CEOs found that executional excellence was the number one challenge facing corporate leaders” globally. In addition, “. . . . two – thirds to three – quarters of large organizations struggle to implement their strategies”.

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