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0 Execution Trumps Strategy

I wrote a blog about a year ago “Avoiding pitfalls in strategy execution”, highlighting an article I had read in HBR.  Last week I stumbled upon another article “Execution is…

1 I Wish I had a Dollar for Every. . . . .

. . recommendation that sits on a shelf, suggestion that is not acted upon, training dollar that has no return on investment, report generated that is never looked at, project that is started but never implemented or adopted. My guess is that each and every person reading this has the same wish. We participate in studies, surveys, trainings, brainstorming / feedback/ crowdsourcing sessions, and walk away, rolling our eyes because we know that it was a complete waste of time and going nowhere.

9 Don’t Waste Any More Money on Training in 2015

It’s more than just a play on words – if you ask any senior leader what they are getting from their training investments, you will get a very frustrated response. Yet at this time of the year, everyone is trying to figure out where to spend their training dollars. I have a simple piece of advice – save your money and spend it on something else-unless you know the answers to the following Key Questions.

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