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0 45 Million People Are Blind today!! Cheesecake Factory Might Be the Answer? Part 2

Atul Gawande just wrote a piece in The New Yorker in which he applies The Cheesecake Factory (TCF – restaurant chain) model to the healthcare system. He cites soaring costs, mediocre service, unreliable quality and significant variability in outcomes/results as the dominant attributes of the current medical system in the USA. Sounds like the typical Supply Chain/Sourcing issues that almost all of us are trying to deal with on a daily basis.

22 The Value Trap

I often pose these questions to senior executives from software companies and their reaction is invariably quite amusing. If they were to ship the identical software to three different customers, would the customers have achieved totally different value from the same software if we went back two years later? If so, why is that, given that all three received the same exact software? And would any of them have achieved the intended value from the software?