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I wish I had a nickel (yes that would suffice) for every time a client told us that a new technology they were considering was going to completely transform their business.  We have been led to believe that “Digital Transformation” is the silver bullet that…


I just read this article about Change Management that really caught my attention.  Here is an excerpt from the opening paragraph: “We’ve all been there: We’re ready to use one of our favorite business or social media apps on any one of our devices, only…

Blog-News U can Use Change Management

That was the line uttered by millions of kids as they were being driven to family vacations in their woodie suburbans – one Howard Johnson at a time.  Ahhh, those were the days my friend (and if you caught that reference, you’re getting old) but…

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Transformation is HARD! If you don’t believe that then you have never gone through one. Often, when a transformation fails or an organization does not achieve its’ desired business results, “culture” is identified as the culprit or perhaps the scapegoat so says two Supply Chain Management professors in “Culture Eats Strategy . . . and how to deal with it”.

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