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4 When The Strategy Consultants Leave……

Nothing against the strategy consulting firms and we do our fair share of that kind of work but it intriguing to find bewildered client after bewildered client – once the strategy firms have left. Leaving behind them an Executive Team convinced of the tremendous value that is lying untapped inside their organizations only if their organizational leaders could get their act together and Transform their organizations. No mention is made of the various elements of any Transformation Roadmap that must be put in place (Governance, Competencies, Change Management etc. etc. etc.).

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1 Selling the Change – Think Like a Sales Person . . . . . Part II

Last week we started exploring “Selling the Change” and approaching it from a sales perspective. We all recognize that change is hard. As professionals in a Shared Services environment (Procurement, Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing) one of our primary roles is that of a change agent as we are trying to play a more strategic role within our organization. Getting suppliers to work with us under a more strategic context is the easy part.

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4 Selling the Change –Think Like a Sales Person . . . .

In my blog a few weeks ago “Culture Eats Strategy . . . . or Does It? ” we talked about the need to either work with, or change, corporate culture in a time of transformation. In either case, Selling the Change is essential. Whether you are going through a transformation or NOT, change is all around us and we cannot escape it. The ability to embrace and manage change is THE most critical competency every professional needs to have.