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2 Culture Eats Strategy . . . . or Does It?

Transformation is HARD! If you don’t believe that then you have never gone through one. Often, when a transformation fails or an organization does not achieve its’ desired business results, “culture” is identified as the culprit or perhaps the scapegoat so says two Supply Chain Management professors in “Culture Eats Strategy . . . and how to deal with it”.

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4 Could a Stakeholder Analysis have Saved the World Cup?

Perhaps this question is a bit premature considering the World Cup is just getting underway in Brazil. Every indication, if you believe the daily press, is that the event is a disaster in the making. In this article “As Brazil Barrels Toward World Cup, Brazilians Aren’t Feeling It” there appears to be one BUT, the World Cup will happen despite the bad taste it has left in the mouths of Brazilians.

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0 Lobster or Chicken for Dinner Tonight?

Unless it’s a special night, you’re probably picking chicken because who can afford lobster all the time? Actually, you can since the price of lobster has dropped from $6/lb (1995) to $2/lb (2013) but you would never know it from restaurant or grocery store prices. Because they know that if they drop the prices, the experience (and therefore demand) of eating lobster will diminish, which is counter intuitive as you would think the demand would rise as prices fall.

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1 Don’t Shoot – The Messenger May be MORE Important than the Message!

How many times have you had to deliver bad news and your opening line was, “Don’t shoot the messenger!” As we think about and develop communications, both internal and external, we often agonize over form, format, timing, messaging, technology, etc. in an attempt to ensure that what we are communicating will be heard, spread to others and even acted upon. What we don’t think about often enough is the messenger.

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0 ‘Tis the season I suppose……

Just like the awards season in the entertainment industry, this is also the season for the really smart people to summon the masses and issue their proclamations for the upcoming year. And I must admit, it is a fun exercise and at minimum it makes you think about some issues that typically don’t get as much attention like 3D printing. This year is no exception – except a big glaring one!! One of the groups of really smart people who get paid lots of money to issue proclamations like this (Gartner) for IT executives had this to say:
By 2020, the labor reduction effect of digitalization will cause social unrest and a quest for new economic models in several mature economies.