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Are you an internal consultant?   We often ask our Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance, IT, HR, etc. clients this question and are often met with blank stares.  BUT, if you are working as a professional in any shared service function where you are required…

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If you agree that Change is the new normal – globalization, political unrest, business disruption, climate change, etc.) then having the capability to manage change is critical.  Never ending change impacts business leaders and employees alike and can either provide momentum to a business or…

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Last week I ran a three day Strategic Sourcing process workshop for the new hires of an existing client. The workshop participants will be responsible for leading cross-functional Sourcing teams across the organization.  Only one of the three days was spent on the actual eight…

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Nothing against the strategy consulting firms and we do our fair share of that kind of work but it intriguing to find bewildered client after bewildered client – once the strategy firms have left. Leaving behind them an Executive Team convinced of the tremendous value that is lying untapped inside their organizations only if their organizational leaders could get their act together and Transform their organizations. No mention is made of the various elements of any Transformation Roadmap that must be put in place (Governance, Competencies, Change Management etc. etc. etc.).

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