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0 A New Year’s Resolution – Time to “Shop your Closet”

A New Year is a time for new beginnings and it is the perfect time to learn from past experiences / mistakes. This is a follow up post from early December where I discussed the dilemma many companies face – they have a “closet” full of stuff (capable people, processes, tools, technology, etc.) but never seem to have anything to “wear”. This not only happens often, but I am willing to bet it happens close to always. Many of our companies have invested millions of dollars in infrastructure (people, process, technology) but have neglected to fully adopt (USE!) those investments. This results in going back to the “market” time and time again for something to “wear” when they have perfectly good “somethings” right under their nose. So, my suggestion was “Shop Your Closet”.

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0 Centralized, Decentralized, Geographic, Functional – STOP THE MERRY-GO-AROUND!!

It’s the end of the year and I’m sure some of you are facing the dim prospects of yet another re-organization. It may be at the corporate level, within your division, your function etc. etc. And you may have a group of people running around and developing new organizational models and moving boxes around like lego toys. Why? Because this latest round of moving the boxes around is magically going to solve all the problems

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9 5 Things that Drive Execution through Change Management

Multi-step models for managing change have been adopted by most companies today. Still, teams struggle to lead their initiatives in a way that falls into the “30% that succeed” and even when projects are “complete” and progress more effectively than in the company’s past efforts, the company fails to realize the intended benefits. One quick way to identify where things fell short is to examine where time and effort were allocated throughout the execution of the change process.

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