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Blog-News U can Use Strategic Workforce plan

“Aging Workforce Puts Strain on Skilled Manufacturing Workers” – this was the headline of an article I came across on the WSJ Logistics Report.  The article illustrates the impending crisis for the manufacturing sector in Northern New England as baby boomers retire at a rapid…

Blog-News U can Use Learning

Learning, for any company, should be considered an investment (with an associated ROI) and NOT a cost.  It is an investment in its’ most valuable asset – its’ employees but corporate learning programs often get in the way of employee development instead of supporting it.…

Blog-News U can Use Recruiting Concept

Fighting for top talent has never been harder.  We are hearing this across multiple industries and across multiple disciplines.  We are working with clients today who are trying to find top talent in Finance, Supply Chain, Technology and Engineering just to name a few.  I…

Blog-News U can Use Decision Making

The answer to that question may surprise you because it’s not breast cancer, despite all the pink (symbol for breast cancer) you see during the National Football (American 🙂 ) League season.  Breast cancer kills about 40,000 women a year which is not a number…

Blog-News U can Use talent development

Leaders and executives of that community are polled every 6 months to identify their major challenges by multiple sources and blaring headlines announcing the results with much fanfare and excitement.  And every time we see the results of these earth shattering announcements, the issue of…

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