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Blog-News U can Use Recruiters

EVERY DAY I am reading articles that talk about how the role of X (pick any professional job – CFO, CIO, CPO, financial analyst, category manager, etc.) is changing and how difficult it is to find people with the right skills to play those roles.…

Blog-News U can Use Strategic Workforce plan

“Aging Workforce Puts Strain on Skilled Manufacturing Workers” – this was the headline of an article I came across on the WSJ Logistics Report.  The article illustrates the impending crisis for the manufacturing sector in Northern New England as baby boomers retire at a rapid…

Blog-News U can Use Learning

Learning, for any company, should be considered an investment (with an associated ROI) and NOT a cost.  It is an investment in its’ most valuable asset – its’ employees but corporate learning programs often get in the way of employee development instead of supporting it.…

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