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Can common sense be the underlying principle for a Talent Management program?  Evidently it can and is for successfully managing talent at Netflix.  In “How Netflix Reinvented HR” in this month’s Harvard Business Review, former Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord chronicled how the culture was…

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By now you have all heard the gloom and doom surrounding the current talent shortage plaguing the economy, especially as it relates to high skilled and manufacturing jobs. While that may be true in very specific localized geographies, a recent report from Boston Consulting Group offers intriguing insights that apply beyond just manufacturing. Availability of the right talent at the right time (Competency Based Talent Management-CBTM or Talent Supply Chain Management-TSCM, take your pick) have been and will continue to be a major competitive differentiator for your company. However, depending on the educational system to be your supplier of talent is highly risky. Having worked on this issue for almost 2 decades gives me some license to opine.

Competency Based Talent Management

I read a blog post today from the HBR Blog Network entitled “Solving Gen Y’s Passion Problem” written by a Generation Y member, Cal Newton. He notes several sources that have called this generation “Generation Me”, “The Worst Generation” and “Generation Why Bother”. They are often characterized as “pampered”, “high maintenance” and “perhaps . . . too happy at home checking Facebook”.

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