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0 Strategic Sourcing is Dead!!! (The Debate Rages On!)

This is a repost from Sourcing Innovation.

Today’s guest post is from Dalip Raheja of The MPower Group, who declared that Strategic Sourcing is Dead, and who has returned to poke the hornet’s nest once more.

A very special thanks to those who engaged in a substantive debate, whether you agree or disagree with us. I am grateful for your time and kind consideration of our arguments and hope that you will continue to engage in the conversation. That was the Intended Consequence. The Un-Intended Consequence was the tone and tenor of some of the reactions. Let me apologize to those who got quite offended by my writing/language skills. As I have said in almost every conference I have spoken at over the years, I am a 3rd world immigrant trying to make a living here and learn the language at the same time, and that is still obviously a challenge for me.

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0 Achieve Exceptional Business Results – Buy a Vowel(s)!!!

Today’s guest post is from Anne Kohler, Executive Vice President and COO of The Mpower Group (TMG) and a contributor to the News U Can Use TMG blog.

Over the past year, as the economy has worsened and companies are being squeezed financially, we have heard the following from extremely frustrated clients and prospects (most of which are in Supply Chain or Sourcing):

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0 Next Practices – The Series for Creating Exceptional Business Results

Today’s guest post is from Dalip Raheja, President and CEO of The Mpower Group (TMG) and a contributor to the News U Can Use TMG blog.

This blog entry marks the beginning of a series that will explore ways that Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management can be used to effectively drive competitive differentiation. Here at TMG we believe that these functions are among the most value-laden (and consequently possess the greatest potential for value creation) across industries. Companies that figure out how to unleash the value trapped along the supply chain will drive exceptional business results over the long-term. The problem holding most companies back in this area is that the best practices they follow are highly tactical in nature, and by definition conservative in nature. Think about it; how can anyone drive truly EXCEPTIONAL results doing the same thing that everyone else is doing (that’s what a best practice is after all!!!)

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