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The theme for this month’s issue of Harvard Business Review is “Reinventing America – Why the World needs the U.S. to Bounce Back”. There is one article in particular which highlights the need for the U.S. to become more competitive. Here Michael E. Porter (ever hear of Porter’s Five Forces Model?) and Jan W. Rivkin discuss the need for America to repair some “cracks in the foundation.” The area that I found most critical is human development, particularly the lack of focus on our education systems and the training / development of our employees.

Blog-News U can Use

Bangladesh is on the verge of a shrinking population!! Wow – what has this world come to and how did we get here? According to Doug Sanders, we might be at a tipping point in global population and may have hit “peak people”, just like peak oil (past the declining point of global supply-limn). He bases his assertions on a number of points which, if you agree with him, has tectonic (pardon the hyperbole) implications.

Blog-News U can Use

The New York Yankees! Rafael Nadal! Tiger Woods! Lionel Messi! Itzhak Perlman! Ernest Hemingway! What does this list have in common? We’ll get back to that later. The question I have for you is simple. Are you at the top of your game in your “sport”….meaning are you the Tiger Woods of Sourcing/Supply Chain?? Can you take over a game like Messi from Barca and re-define the way the game is played? Can you play the violin like Perlman?

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