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Many organizations look at Risk as an evil, a challenge and even a four letter word. Risk can actually become a competitive advantage for a Supply Chain organization that knows how to identify and effectively manage it. Today’s blog focuses on insights from the Supply Chain All-Stars that recovered fastest after the Japanese Tsunami.

Blog-News U can Use

One of my favorite presentations of the day was delivered by Alistair Donald, the Chief Procurement Officer of Global Procurement Services of ConocoPhillips Company. Alistair’s presentation had a James Bond / Secret Agent theme which made it very entertaining as well as informative. Alistair has a wonderful story to tell of his success in transforming the Supply Management function within ConocoPhillips. Michael Lamereaux from Sourcing Innovation, an NPX attendee, wrote that Supply Management has been a key contributor to ConocoPhillips’ financial success over the last several years in his blog post, Supply Management: Secret Agent of Business Improvement (Key NPX Take Away 5) where he articulated Alistair’s value contributors.

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