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2 Is IT Missing The Boat?

As evidenced by recent articles in CIO Magazine, the conversations about IT have moved past merely worrying about alignment and have morphed into programs and discussions of how best to provide business value. This makes the discussion more concrete and useful but one could argue that it hasn’t moved us much closer to solving the underlying problems of properly identifying and driving towards true value to the business.

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1 The Seven Habits of Highly Dangerous Suppliers

Tapping into a higher value dimension requires adopting a new mindset, utilizing new skills, and executing new habits. The Mpower Group’s value approach is to shift the supplier relationship to where there are enough rewards from success to thoroughly share the spoils.

While Covey’s seven habits are meritorious, not following them inhibits greatness. In that spirit we present Seven Habits of Highly Dangerous Suppliers.

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0 Market Perspective: What is Keeping You Up At Night?

This was a gathering of various Presidents of the ISM and NAPM regional chapters and they were gathered together in that capacity. They were trying to figure out how to become more relevant for their regional markets and their customer was the entire Procurement, Sourcing and Supply Chain community of that region. I decided to give them a perspective of their market based on a lot of the research that we have done and provided them with the proverbial Top Ten list (in no particular order).

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1 Risk As a Competitive Weapon for Supply Chain

Many organizations look at Risk as an evil, a challenge and even a four letter word. Risk can actually become a competitive advantage for a Supply Chain organization that knows how to identify and effectively manage it. Today’s blog focuses on insights from the Supply Chain All-Stars that recovered fastest after the Japanese Tsunami.

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