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1 Your Supply Chain’s Sputnik Moment

Obama challenged America to create “Sputnik” moments where new innovation would break through historical obstacles. “We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.” was Obama’s battle cry to action.

Now is an excellent time to apply that same “State of the Union” thinking to our Supply Chain relationships. How can we create internal “Sputnik” moments with our employees? Who in our organization owns this role? Do we encourage or discourage our suppliers and customers from innovating? How do we even begin?

Blog-News U can Use
2 Troops in Afghanistan – a Dramatic Case Study for AEIOU

A few weeks ago, the famous Washington Post White House author, Bob Woodward wrote an article entitled “Military thwarted president seeking choice in Afghanistan” which was all about the critical nature of decision making. What greater decision can there be then deciding the fate of tens of thousands of young U.S. men and women as they are sent into war-torn Afghanistan? The article chronicles the process that President Barrack Obama undertook in finally deciding to send 30,000 additional troops as opposed to the 40,000 (which came highly recommended by his military leaders) in December 2009.

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