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The answer depends on how you think – are you a Direct Causation believer or a Systemic Causation believer? By the way, it’s not an either or choice. If you are looking for a direct, linear causation relationship between climate change and Sandy, then you may choose to ignore the event and/or react to it by building a wall to block the surge. If you believe in systemic causation, then you may choose to increase solar and wind power and reduce fossil fuels to reduce the storm surge. You can follow an excellent discussion on this by George Lakoff.

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By now you have probably heard about the security fiasco and the name G4S. It’s quite an irony that London’s risk management process was itself full of risk. From what can be gathered so far, G4S was contacted to supply about 2,000 security personnel and then in December it dawned on the organizing committee that they really needed 10,000 personnel.

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At a recent planning call with some of the members of the Next Practices Xchange for their upcoming conference, I was asked to come up with the list of concerns that leaders in the community (Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain, etc. etc.) had. This was to identify the major risks that are facing the community so that a relevant agenda could be developed. I pushed back at the members and got them to acknowledge that we would be talking about only those issues that they knew about or had identified. What about all those that they had not?

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