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Oh social media! You are my friend yet my foe. (Unfortunately, I am not as poetic as Dalip after he ended his last post with Shakespeare). My previous blog post covered social media and the use of it in the supply chain. Ironically enough, this…

Blog-News U can Use

As events continue to unfold in Egypt, I keep thinking about whether there are any lessons from a supply chain perspective that we should be taking away.  And the answer is, without discussing the religious or social aspects, of course there is. There are certainly…

Blog-News U can Use

So, here is an example of taking some current news and draw some learnings from it. No doubt by now, everyone has heard about the massive problems that Toyota is experiencing. Below is one of the many articles on the topic (full disclosure…we were interviewed and are quoted in it). The challenge is that articles like this rarely dig into the deeper impacts of recent events. There’s so much to be learned from Toyota, but who is asking the right questions? I’ve posted a few below to get the discussion going…Looking forward to your responses.

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