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2 Social Media and the Supply Chain

As I was looking through my normal round of websites this morning, an article caught my attention on The article was called “B2B Firms Reaping Supply Chain Benefits from Social Media” by Natalie Brandweiner. This article discusses how B2B firms need to leverage social media to support their supply chain. Being a B2B marketing professional supporting a sourcing/supply chain consultancy, I have found leveraging social media to be an interesting process.

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3 Why 2012 is Not the Year to Fear

Spotting trends can feel more like an art than a science. It can seem particularly daunting in year that was greeted with so much uncertainty. For his first blog post of the New Year, Dalip takes a look at Marian Salzman’s latest Trendspotting report called The Big Book of Little Nexts and adds his own spin to the top trends for 2012. Read on to learn if you agree or disagree with his insights.

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0 Succession Planning – Where the Present Meets the Future

How do you make sure work is transitioned smoothly in times of change? Employees come and go for various reasons, so how do you make sure your organization can handle change? You want to say focused the present, but don’t want to lose sight of any future changes. Dalip Raheja has some inputs on how to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

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0 A Labor Day Treat!

Since this is the beginning of a long holiday weekend, we thought we would delay our really serious blog post that we had planned (Feces!! Dookie!! Scheisse!! How Do You Define Value?) and send you something humorous.

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