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0 Succession Planning – Where the Present Meets the Future

How do you make sure work is transitioned smoothly in times of change? Employees come and go for various reasons, so how do you make sure your organization can handle change? You want to say focused the present, but don’t want to lose sight of any future changes. Dalip Raheja has some inputs on how to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

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0 A Labor Day Treat!

Since this is the beginning of a long holiday weekend, we thought we would delay our really serious blog post that we had planned (Feces!! Dookie!! Scheisse!! How Do You Define Value?) and send you something humorous.

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1 The Seven Habits of Highly Dangerous Suppliers

Tapping into a higher value dimension requires adopting a new mindset, utilizing new skills, and executing new habits. The Mpower Group’s value approach is to shift the supplier relationship to where there are enough rewards from success to thoroughly share the spoils.

While Covey’s seven habits are meritorious, not following them inhibits greatness. In that spirit we present Seven Habits of Highly Dangerous Suppliers.

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