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While Thanksgiving dinner was not ruined, it certainly was impacted by the romaine lettuce debacle.  Fortunately, salad is not the crown jewel of most holiday meals but being forced to create a salad with iceberg lettuce (it is my husband’s favorite – yuck!) was disappointing. …

Blog-News U can Use Metrics

This is perhaps one of the hardest discussions that we get into at various conferences and the discussion is always the same – regardless of where we are speaking in the world.  Many people instinctively know that unless they can change the metrics they are…

Blog-News U can Use Supply Chain

I will be moderating a CPO panel at the next PERT meeting at the Loews Hotel in Chicago being hosted by Corporate United on April 24th.  The title is “ Transformation: Evolving from a Necessary Cost to a Competitive Weapon to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges!”.  You…

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