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Critic or Coach?

At The Mpower Group we are strong proponents of Competency Based Talent Management.  One of the greatest assets most organizations have is their talent, yet few companies make the investment in that asset relative to other investments.   A large part of our consulting practice in…

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Avoiding Pitfalls in Strategy Execution

According to the article, “a recent survey of more than 400 CEOs found that executional excellence was the number one challenge facing corporate leaders” globally. In addition, “. . . . two – thirds to three – quarters of large organizations struggle to implement their strategies”.

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Too Many Suppliers . . . Keep Looking!

Most of us can look at anything we “buy” on behalf of our company and see that we have opportunity for improvement.  We may have too many suppliers, not enough suppliers or not the “right” suppliers.  Whatever the situation, as Sourcing professionals it is our…

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The Commencement Speech Every Leader Needs to Hear

Over the last few years, I have sat through my fair share of commencement speeches. From my perspective they were inspiring – filled with stories and examples of the importance of a college education and how hard work and perseverance will someday pay off. Those speeches painted a “picture” of what every graduate imagined life would be like after graduation except that the “picture” isn’t even close to the reality they face.

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Don’t Shoot – The Messenger May be MORE Important than the Message!

How many times have you had to deliver bad news and your opening line was, “Don’t shoot the messenger!” As we think about and develop communications, both internal and external, we often agonize over form, format, timing, messaging, technology, etc. in an attempt to ensure that what we are communicating will be heard, spread to others and even acted upon. What we don’t think about often enough is the messenger.

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