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Materials managers, buyers, transportation coordinators, category managers, product engineers, suppliers, quality controllers, etc. all make up this mysterious world of Supply Chain. If you look at that list and think that one role is more important or more critical than another, then think again. Would it surprise you to learn that a 57 – cent part may have been the cause of GM’s recall crisis?

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As we are working “in the weeds”, every day, we often lose sight of how critical our function is. We, at The Mpower Group, do a lot of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management training as one of our service offerings because WE KNOW the value of a strong Supply Chain. I guess it has just taken the rest of the world a little time to catch up . . . . . .

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As I was looking through my normal round of websites this morning, an article caught my attention on The article was called “B2B Firms Reaping Supply Chain Benefits from Social Media” by Natalie Brandweiner. This article discusses how B2B firms need to leverage social media to support their supply chain. Being a B2B marketing professional supporting a sourcing/supply chain consultancy, I have found leveraging social media to be an interesting process.

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