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5 If You Aspire to be a Leader, Start Acting Like One – NOW!

As the mother of three millennials (all boys), two who have already started their careers and one that has just started college; I find myself constantly trying to give them advice about how to progress in their careers as well as in their lives. The lessons I think are important are nothing new BUT they are a constant reminder to me that the more things change, the more they stay the same. My best advice to them is the best advice that I ever received – “No matter what your position or role, always be a leader”.

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1 Forget a Mentor – Find a Sponsor!

I read an interview with Sylvia Anne Hewlett, author of Forget a Mentor – Find a Sponsor which I thought was a perfect spin off to my last post – Do You have a “Challenger in Chief”? . In this interview Ms. Hewlett describes the difference between a mentor and a sponsor – “In short, mentors advise; sponsors act”.

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1 Raise Your Game and Others Will Follow . . .

I read an article last week in the Wall Street Journal, “Should you Dress Like the CEO?” and it got me thinking about the role of the leader. In this article they noted, “When Frank Bisignano took the CEO job at First Data Corp. in Atlanta in late April, he brought his Brooks Brothers suits and Hermès ties with him. . . . .. Mr. Bisignano wears formal business attire to work every day, and many employees who weren’t previously dressing up are now, literally, following suit.”