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5 If You Aspire to be a Leader, Start Acting Like One – NOW!

As the mother of three millennials (all boys), two who have already started their careers and one that has just started college; I find myself constantly trying to give them advice about how to progress in their careers as well as in their lives. The lessons I think are important are nothing new BUT they are a constant reminder to me that the more things change, the more they stay the same. My best advice to them is the best advice that I ever received – “No matter what your position or role, always be a leader”.

Blog-News U can Use
1 Forget a Mentor – Find a Sponsor!

I read an interview with Sylvia Anne Hewlett, author of Forget a Mentor – Find a Sponsor which I thought was a perfect spin off to my last post – Do You have a “Challenger in Chief”? . In this interview Ms. Hewlett describes the difference between a mentor and a sponsor – “In short, mentors advise; sponsors act”.