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Thomas Friedman in a recent op-ed discusses the still lingering aftermaths of 9/11.  Without getting into the politics of his piece, I think there are very strong corollaries in the business world.  The gist of his thesis is that the long term effects of the…

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In a recent discussion with a client who is the Global VP of Services, the question of Collaboration came up from a unique perspective. In his industry, they often partner with competitors and suppliers to respond to and deliver solutions to their customers. And while they feel pretty good about their negotiating competencies, he was very concerned about the lack of collaboration competencies, especially where you are faced with multi-faceted relationship structures (competitors and suppliers).

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A retail giant was recently the target of the largest hacking operation in history. The name is not important as the story is equally applicable to many other companies. And those of you who have been through the advanced curriculum of our Strategic Sourcing/Supply Chain “University” will remember the discussions in the Risk Management class on this topic. The best designed Risk Management solutions (consonants) are worth nothing unless they are adopted by the organization (vowels).