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0 Free: Excellent, Sophisticated Data Security System. Act Fast!

A retail giant was recently the target of the largest hacking operation in history. The name is not important as the story is equally applicable to many other companies. And those of you who have been through the advanced curriculum of our Strategic Sourcing/Supply Chain “University” will remember the discussions in the Risk Management class on this topic. The best designed Risk Management solutions (consonants) are worth nothing unless they are adopted by the organization (vowels).

Blog-News U can Use
0 ‘Tis the season I suppose……

Just like the awards season in the entertainment industry, this is also the season for the really smart people to summon the masses and issue their proclamations for the upcoming year. And I must admit, it is a fun exercise and at minimum it makes you think about some issues that typically don’t get as much attention like 3D printing. This year is no exception – except a big glaring one!! One of the groups of really smart people who get paid lots of money to issue proclamations like this (Gartner) for IT executives had this to say:
By 2020, the labor reduction effect of digitalization will cause social unrest and a quest for new economic models in several mature economies.