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As you have heard us mention before, we find IACCM to be in a unique position to help change the discussion around how organizations enter and optimize trading relationships because they have both the buy and the sell sides represented as members.  We hosted a…

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Here’s part of the definition that I find most critical – “Generally the client remains fully accountable for the overall management and control of the organization or system – including the functionality and performance of the managed service.” Now for the rant – Not managing your MSP is the same as turning over the keys to the kingdom and hoping that it is still intact when you return. Bad idea!

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In a recent discussion with a client who is the Global VP of Services, the question of Collaboration came up from a unique perspective. In his industry, they often partner with competitors and suppliers to respond to and deliver solutions to their customers. And while they feel pretty good about their negotiating competencies, he was very concerned about the lack of collaboration competencies, especially where you are faced with multi-faceted relationship structures (competitors and suppliers).