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The answer to that question may surprise you because it’s not breast cancer, despite all the pink (symbol for breast cancer) you see during the National Football (American 🙂 ) League season.  Breast cancer kills about 40,000 women a year which is not a number…

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Leaders and executives of that community are polled every 6 months to identify their major challenges by multiple sources and blaring headlines announcing the results with much fanfare and excitement.  And every time we see the results of these earth shattering announcements, the issue of…

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As most of you are aware (especially the thousands of our alumni 🙂 ), we have always been extremely passionate about competency development.  While there are many key areas where we differ from all the others on the topic of Competency Based Talent Development, the…

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Last week I wrote about how organizations have recognized that the Finance function can and should be playing a more strategic role within the company.  Agreed.  Sounds great – ALL finance professionals need to be more strategic.  It’s hard to argue with that BUT what…

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There are times for me when I am bombarded with the same message from multiple sources and it causes me to take notice.  Over the last few weeks, this message was around competency and the Finance function. I am a CPA by background and spent…

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