St. Louis- 1st PERT Meeting- The Road to the C-Suite – 10.18.17



October 18, 2017

10AM – 4PM

Where- Centene 

7700 Forsyth Blvd

Clayton, MO 


How to Attract and Retain the “A” team?

Talent Management has consistently been amongst the top 3 issues that keep Chief Procurement/Supply Officer awake at night over the last 20 years. In this workshop, you will examine the issues from a totally new and powerful perspective which is based on Competency Based Talent Management – a Next Practice. Solving this challenge means that you will finally be able to take a Strategic approach to the biggest constraint in delivering value to your stakeholders – the collective competencies of your organization.

  • What roles do Next Practices Procurement / Supply organizations play today? 
  • What competencies are required for them to play those roles?
  • What needs to change to allow Procurement / Supply to play a more strategic role?
  • What does an end-to-end talent management  look like and what are the benefits associated with such an approach?
  • How is competency development different from training?
  • How do you ensure development of new competencies stick?
  • How can you get started on making your Procurement / Supply organization a strategic, viable and actively supported organization?

Second Topic

Transformation: From a Necessary Cost to a Competitive Weapon – Changing Procurement/Supply Chain to meet Tomorrow’s Challenges! 

This workshop is directed at senior leaders and others interested in leading transformation and change to move from a tactical back office function to a strategic partner and will focus on “WHY” the procurement/supply chain organization must evolve from a necessary cost to a competitive differentiator and “HOW” to make it happen.

We will discuss what happens if you don’t redefine the role of the procurement/supply chain organization and explore the following questions:

  • Who are the key stakeholders (internal and external) that will be impacted by and / or facilitate the change and their Value Drivers
  •  Why it is important to move from competing to collaborating?
  •  What is the tangible and measurable business benefit of making the change happen?
  • We will then move into the HOW and explore what needs to change and how to do it:
  • To make change happen you need to know your starting point. We will introduce the elements of a Transformation Blueprint and a Maturity Model which can be used to assess where you are.
  • As a strategic business partner / internal consultant we must bring together their internal partners with their customers / suppliers to create alignment and match overall risk between the two parties and not just the price risk.
  • Making the change happen will require a heavy dose of change leadership which may be the biggest challenge for your group. Your role as a change leader requires you to have radically different competencies as well.
  • How to “sell” the new role of the Procurement/Supply Chain function and how it can be a competitive differentiator?
  • How do you make the transformation happen?
  • What are the specific elements that you must focus on:
    • Process
    • Role
    • Metrics
    • Relationships
    • Adoption
    • Collaboration

Who Should Attend

This is a peer-to-peer organization and as such, you must be a Senior Procurement Executive (Director or above) within your organization to attend.

About PERT

PERT (Procurement Executive Round Table) is a peerto- peer organization that meets quarterly to share ideas in a forum setting. Each member brings expertise and varied talents to the group which allows all members to benefit from participation. PERT addresses major Global Sourcing and Supply Chain challenges.

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