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In a recent round of executive interviews we conducted, one theme that emerged is that there is a level of unprecedented uncertainty in the business environment(related to geo-politics, trade wars, immigration etc.) and it is causing decisions (like supply chain locations) to be re-examined and much slower decision making overall. Outsourcing decisions are being reviewed and go-to-market strategies are being reevaluated. Your stakeholders are frustrated and flummoxed and are looking for some intelligence and guidance. This represents a significant opportunity for you and your organization to grasp the issue of uncertainty and play a leadership role in your company thus enabling a more strategic role for yourself. One of the major sources of primary research available to you is your Supply Base. It is the most underutilized asset in the business world today – bar none!!! Here are some of the obvious reasons to your suppliers:
  1. They are probably having similar challenges
  2. You should know how they are dealing with these issues from a risk management perspective anyway
  3. It deepens relationships with your suppliers
  4. It adds credibility with your stakeholders because you have conducted primary research
  5. You will pick up suggestions from how they are dealing with these issues
Here is what we recommend:
  1.  Pick 10-15 suppliers who you think are probably facing similar challenges
  2. Drop their CPO or equivalent an email with the suggested questions in it (modify asneeded)
  3. Review their responses and set up a follow up call with 3 of them that seem the most useful
  4. Follow up with more calls with those three as necessary
  5. May want to consider involving couple of relevant direct reports from both sides tobuild a ongoing channel
That’s it!! Let us know if that was brief enough to explain the issue? If you tried the above, what kind of results did you get? (This is how you can pay it forward because it adds to the knowledge pool!!) Any topic you would like us to cover?
Leave a comment and let us know what you think…

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