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Procurement/Supply Executive Round Table (PERT) 
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 Our next meeting will be a virtual workshop:
    • Numerous inquiries to participate from outside the Chicago Area
    • Virtual is where the world is going
    • Will expand the number of participants (e.g. Chicago & St. Louis Chapters concurrent)
    • WILL maintain Interaction & Networking
    • Simple to participate – you already have what you need 

Category Management – Have we Made ANY Progress or is it Still a Vague Concept?

August 13, 2019
1 PM – 4 PM
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What you need to Attend:
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone
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Next PERT dates:

May 14, 2019
August 13, 2019
November 12, 2019
What Members are saying:

” The PERT forum is a great way for executives to share ideas for confronting this changing landscape. The intimate setting and member-driven agenda is much more useful than any annual conference.”

– Vice President, Global Category Management, MasterCard

” This workshop has been the best value I have ever received . . . . “

– CFO/CPO AMEGA Holdings, Inc.



The Mpower Group-Rick

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Category Management (CM) is taking our professional community by storm. If you are not seriously moving toward Category Management TODAY, you may be falling WAY behind. The ability to align Stakeholder Value Drivers with CM is finally allowing us to become far more strategic and headed to the C-Suite. Adapted from the retail sector, CM has fundamentally shifted our role and provides a path to adding significant strategic value to the corporation and shed the stigma of being nothing more than cost-cutters. What needs to happen within your organization to make the transition to CM?

Main Challenges:
• What is it and how is it different from Strategic Sourcing – the battle rages on
• Going beyond TCO and embracing Stakeholder Value Drivers
• “Selling” the Category Management process to your stakeholders
• Developing strategic competencies that enable you to be a strategic business partner
• How to adapt your strategic sourcing process to a Category  Management framework
• How to accelerate the transition so you don’t keep getting further behind
• Understanding resistance – where it comes from and how to convert it into support
• Adoption, Adoption, Adoption – the three most important words in Benefit Realization

Discussion Points:
• Difference and synergy between Category Management and Strategic Sourcing
• Measuring and delivering Value Drivers that makes your stakeholders cheer – not question your value
• Converting your stakeholders to become your Sponsors and Champions
• Change Management techniques that work in a Shared Service context
• Uncovering the Value Drivers of the Stakeholders that consume your spend category
• Understanding all the value levers available (e.g. strategic sourcing, SRM, GPO, value engineering, demand management, enable new markets, etc.) and how to apply them

Join us for an exploration of Best Next Practices gathered from successful Transformations to Category Management and lessons learned of things to avoid. Establish connections with others on the same journey and help shape the thinking and direction of Category Management.


We will keep all responses confidential AND will send you the results of the survey, so you can see how you stacked up against your peers. 
Thank you for participating in this survey. 

About PERT:

  • This is a peer-to-peer organization and as such, you must be a Senior Procurement Executive (Director Level or above) within your organization to attend.
  • PERT is a collaboration between The Mpower Group and Omnia Partners.
  • Join the PERT LinkedIn Group and network


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