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I will let you think about that and come up with an answer or you can contact me for the correct answer (and yes, there is a correct answer!). Long time readers will remember that we published some projections at the beginning of 2012 (here and here) and I will leave it up to you to test them. Those projections were primarily based on Marian Salzman’s work, stay tuned for the 2013 projections, but one of them is that traditional economies are going alternative. If that is true, what impact will that have on the Sourcing/Supply Chain communities?

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Since this is the beginning of a long holiday weekend, we thought we would delay our really serious blog post that we had planned  and send you something humorous. We hope you have a safe holiday weekend with friends and loved ones. From all us…

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Warning! Warning! – This is NOT a political post. You will not find a single mention of either party or any candidate SO please proceed!! Yes, go ahead breathe a sigh of relief! This is not being written to persuade you to support my political views or beliefs. My purpose is merely to discuss one simple question – Do politics have a place in the office or not . . . and I am NOT referring to office politics?

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