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Yesterday I flew coach on Delta Airlines from Atlanta to Chicago.  .  .  It was almost an hour into the flight when I realized that I had yet to be offered something to drink.  In trying to determine where the delay was coming from, I…

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Re-posted from Sourcing Innovation
Today’s post is from Dalip Raheja, President and CEO of The Mpower Group (TMG) and a contributor to the News U Can Use TMG blog.

Strategic Sourcing is Dead!!! And if it’s not, it should be. In our last post, we talked about one of the major challenges in a transformation journey for Sourcing/Supply Chain organizations — namely, the vowels A, E, I, O, and U (which stood for Adoption, Execution, Implementation, Optimization, and Utilization). In this post we’re going to address the second, equally important, challenge. Strategic Sourcing has not delivered the promised results years ago, and it isn’t delivering the right results today. Why not?

Blog-News U can Use

Japanese auto makers suspend production.  Air shipments requiring special handling (refrigeration, time sensitivity, etc.) are put on hold.  Performers can’t make scheduled appearances on “Idol Gives Back”.  Mail delivery is delayed.  The Royal Navy sorties to help service men and women get home from Afghanistan. …