The Why – Contracting Must Change and What will Happen if We Don’t?


Session One – We must redefine the role of contracting in light of worldwide changes and the business context we live in, but how and where do we start – with our ‘trading partners’ or ourselves (businesses)?

As our world is changing (global reach, green, sustainability, immigration, etc.) so is the business context we work in. That change necessitates a change in the way we interact and contract with our trading partners.

Session One is directed at senior leaders and others interested in leading change and will focus on “why” the Contracting organization must change / evolve from an unnecessary cost to a competitive differentiator.

The Questions- Contracting

We will discuss what happens if you don’t redefine the role of the contracting organization and explore the following questions:

  • Who are the key stakeholders (internal and external) that will be impacted by and / or facilitate the change?
  • What are the Stakeholder Decision Drivers?
  • Why it is important to move from competing to collaborating?
  • Why do adversarial relationships with trading partners destroy value?
  • What is the business benefit of making the change happen?
    Download the presentation here: contracting-webinar-02-24-16

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