Executive Webinar Series- The War for Talent – Are You Even in the Battle?

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 The Mpower Group, a leading global Supply Chain consultancy is excited to announce its partnership with Saint Louis University’s  Center for Supply Chain Management.  From this partnership, we are launching an Executive Webinar Series: From a Necessary Cost to a Competitive Weapon – Transforming your Supply Chain to meet Tomorrow’s Challenges!  Aimed at current and emerging leaders and executives, this webinar series is a highly interactive virtual discussion and workshop to focus not only on identifying challenges but also developing solutions.

Our Next Webinar  is On Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 10AM

World class companies view their Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing/Procurement organizations AND people as a competitive advantage.  Surveys of Chief Supply Chain officers and CPO’s consistently rank “Develop Your People” as a top focus area needed to improve business results and it has been like this for 30 years!! Since competition for highly skilled Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing/Procurement professionals continues to be high, organizations struggle with how to recruit, develop, challenge and retain strong resources.  They have discovered that strong process skills are simply not enough.

Hiring top students from the best Supply Chain Management programs is falling short as well.   Finding a professional that has the “right competencies”, a combination of process skills, change leadership skills, business savvy and consulting skills is a daunting task.  If they are lucky enough to find one, an even greater challenge is retaining that person by offering aggressive career development and growth.

What is missing is an approach that covers the entire life cycle of Talent Management from hire to retire, with a strong competency model at its foundation.  Establishing a strategic competency model that addresses the evolving competency needs of the organization, then using that model throughout the talent management lifecycle has proven to be a Next Practices approach.  This strategy will enable an organization to attract top talent, offer aggressive career growth, and ensures high performance and improved business results.  Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing/Procurement organizations gain competitive advantage by following this strategy, as recent studies show that companies who invest in managing talent enjoy a significant return on their investment.

This presentation will address the following questions:

  1. What roles do World Class Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing/ Procurement organizations play today?
  2. What competencies are required for them to play those role?
  3. What needs to change to allow World Class Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing/ Procurement to play a more strategic role?
  4. What does an end-to-end Talent Management strategy look like and what are the benefits associated with such an approach?
  5. How is Competency Development different from training?
  6. How do you ensure development of new competencies stick?
  7. How can you get started on making your World Class Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing/ Procurement organization a competitive advantage for your company?

We wil be discussing the results of our Next Practices survey on Talent Management. Please take a moment and complete the survey today: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SLU16

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