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 The Mpower Group, a leading global Supply Chain consultancy is excited to announce its partnership with Saint Louis University’s  Center for Supply Chain Management.  From this partnership, we are launching an Executive Webinar Series: From a Necessary Cost to a Competitive Weapon – Transforming your Supply Chain to meet Tomorrow’s Challenges!  Aimed at current and emerging leaders and executives, this webinar series is a highly interactive virtual discussion and workshop to focus not only on identifying challenges but also developing solutions.

Globalization is facing hard times right now, with the economic downturn generating growing friction and increasing questions over whether global commerce is really worthwhile. But are these challenges due to fundamental flaws in the system, or shifts in the underlying drivers, or perhaps because of weaknesses in our corporate processes?  As we move from a cost-based view of business performance and focus increasingly on value, many of the early drivers for global business are changing and the weaknesses are becoming even more apparent. 

With significant input from you, the series will be shaped to fulfill the needs of the participants, not the organizers.  We also want to make it as convenient for you as possible so we chose the modality of a webinar – you can do it from your desk!  Current technology allows us to make this very interactive so you will have multiple opportunities to actively engage and ask questions.  Surveys conducted prior to each webinar will identify specific issues and challenges to be addressed.

The speakers and facilitators are well recognized thought leaders in our profession who have spoken extensively at many conferences across the globe.  They have been responsible for advancing the Supply Chain discipline through significant innovative concepts and have been at the forefront of pushing our discipline forward.

As part of this collaboration, TMG is very pleased to announce the appointment of Dalip Raheja(CEO) as the Executive in Residence at the CSCMS of the John Cook School of Business at SLU. He is also joining the Advisory Board of CSCMS. TMG has long been a passionate advocate in changing the way we develop talent in our organizations and this collaboration will allow us to partner with one of the leading schools in continue to push the envelope.

Part 1-The Why – Supply Chain Must Change and What Will Happen if We Don’t?

Session One – We must redefine the role of supply chain in light of worldwide changes and the business context we live in, but how and where do we start – with our suppliers or ourselves (businesses)?

As our world is changing (global reach, green, sustainability, immigration, etc.) so is the business context we work in. That change necessitates a change in the way we interact and contract with our suppliers.

Session one is directed at senior leaders and others interested in leading transformation and change to move from a tactical back office function to a strategic partner and will focus on “why” the supply chain organization must change / evolve from an unnecessary cost to a competitive differentiator.

We will discuss what happens if you don’t redefine the role of the supply chain organization and explore the following questions:

  • Who are the key stakeholders (internal and external) that will be impacted by and / or facilitate the change?
  • What are the Stakeholder Decision Drivers?
  • Why it is important to move from competing to collaborating?
  • Why do adversarial relationships with suppliers destroy value?
  • What is the tangible and measurable business benefit of making the change happen?

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Dalip Raheja

Dalip is a recognized thought leader, a frequent contributor to research papers and articles, and a speaker on the topics of Strategic Sourcing, Outsourcing, Offshore Outsourcing, and Change Management.  He has been quoted in a wide variety of publications, including Purchasing Today, Baseline, and CFO Magazine.

As President and CEO of The Mpower Group, Dalip has over 30 years of experience managing large organizations and change initiatives.  His work with Fortune 500 companies in the US and internationally covers all facets of the sourcing process, including contracting and negotiations, relationship management, and risk management.  Dalip has been named by Supply & Demand Chain Executive as a “Provider Pro to Know” every year since 2007.

Prior to founding TMG, Dalip created and led the Strategic Initiatives group for Bank One.  This internal consulting organization launched and managed large complex change initiatives for the bank.  The group’s capstone achievement was creation of a comprehensive Strategic Sourcing program that achieved over $1.3 billion in documented savings over three years and seamlessly integrated the spend of two other merged organizations.  This effort encompassed every area of bank spend and involved both Insourcing and Outsourcing.  Prior to joining the bank, Dalip was a Principal and Regional Business Development Manager in the Strategic Consulting Group of Digital Equipment Corporation. Dalip holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing.

Anne Kohler

Anne is a recognized thought leader, a frequent contributor to articles and a highly sought after speaker on the topics of Strategic Sourcing, Change Management and Building World Class Organizations.  

 As one of the Founding Partners and Executive Vice President and COO of The Mpower Group, Anne has been leading consulting and financial management organizations for over 30 years.  Anne is responsible for overseeing all firm operations and all client engagements and as such has built dozens of strategic relationships with client organizations.  She has extensive expertise in Organizational Transformation, Competency Based Talent Management, Strategic Sourcing, Change Management, Supply Chain Management and Process Reengineering.   In addition, Anne has been named by Supply & Demand Chain Executive as a “Top 100 Provider Pro to Know” every year since 2007 and a “Top Female Supply Chain Executive”. 

Before founding TMG, Anne was the SVP of Strategic Sourcing and Initiatives for Bank One.  In this role, Anne led a team of over 100 professionals, internal and external staff in developing and executing supply strategies for the entire bank’s externally purchased goods and services.  Over four years, this organization managed over $3 billion in annual spend and contributed in excess of $1.3 billion in savings.

  Prior to heading the Sourcing organization, Anne led a major reengineering effort of the bank’s finance function.  This two year effort streamlined the finance organization and core processes, and was founded on a successful implementation of SAP as a fully integrated financial systems solution.  During her time at the bank, Anne also led complementary initiatives focusing on Insourcing / outsourcing, vendor management, eProcurement, and financial reengineering.  

 Anne started her career as an Audit Manager with Ernst & Young.Anne is a CPA, CGMA and has an MBA in Finance from The University of Chicago.



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