Webinar- Do You Know the Difference Between Strategic Sourcing and Category Management?


Category Management is the latest advancement of the Strategic Sourcing process and is taking our professional community by storm.  The ability to align strategic business objectives with appropriate sourcing strategies is finally allowing procurement and supply chain professionals to become far more strategic.  The move to the C-Suite clearly is made easier by Category Management.  Adapted from the retail sector, this paradigm has fundamentally shifted the role of Procurement/Supply Chain.  Finally, there is a path to providing significant strategic value to the corporation and shed the stigma of being nothing more than cost-cutters.  What needs to happen within your organization to make the transition from Strategic Sourcing to Category Management?   

Tuesday – April 25, 2017

10 AM – 11 AM CST (No Cost)


Main Challenges:

  • Going beyond TCO and Strategic Sourcing to Focus on Value • “Selling” the Category Management process to your stakeholders
  • Converting your stakeholders to your Sponsors and Champions • Building & applying as set of competencies- that enable you to be a true business partner
  • Understanding the resistance – where it comes from and how to convert it into proactive support 
  • The three most important words in Benefit Realization- Adoption, Adoption, Adoption
  • Changing your attitude toward suppliers & moving from adversarial to collaborative


This is first in a series of webinars based on our world class curriculum from Strategic Sourcing/Category Management “U”
To be held every 4th Tuesday so mark your calendars and register now – seats are limited!!
Highly interactive with next practices surveys prior to many of the webinars

Upcoming topics:

  • What are the process changes you must make to be successful?
  • What new competencies will you and your organization need?
  • How TCO/Strategic Sourcing destroy value and how to focus on Value Drivers
  • Converting Stakeholders to Sponsors and Champions
  • Transitioning from Competing to Collaborative relationships throughout the supply chain(internal/external)
  • Change Management and why it’s critical
  • ….and more to come based on crowd-sourcing (your input)