Next PERT Meeting- July 11th-Redefining the Role of the CPO

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July 11, 2017


Redefining the role of the CPO


Shedd Aquarium- Chicago, IL 


The Mpower Group-Rick 

 What Our Members Are Saying:
• “I find PERT to be the best venue for my personal and professional development and peer to peer networking”

• “PERT is the place to go to stay on top of current trends and provocative thought leadership”

• “It’s great to be part of an executive group where I’m not getting sold to and the focus is on solutions – not presentations”

• “The PERT community is where I know I can share and learn with my colleagues – nowhere else do I have that opportunity”

• “This workshop has been the best value I have ever received.. “

PERT- Procurement Executive Round Table

It is time to acknowledge that if we keep doing what we have been doing, we are never going to get to the C-Suite. We must therefore re-define the role of the Chief Procurement/Supply Officer. Join a number of your colleagues for this provocative workshop to reshape your thinking about a new role which will require a different set of skills and competencies. We think there are four key business Value Drivers that are not typically part of the Procurement / Supply executives’ agenda but need to be.

REVENUE: For far too long, we have focused exclusively on the bottom line and tried to maximize that through lowest price/cost. I think by now we all agree that has trapped us into a box and very few of us have been able to escape that box – successfully. It is way beyond time to start looking at the top line (revenue) and identifying how we can impact that.

CORPORATE RISK: While we have made advances in better managing supply chain/supplier risks, we have not extended that capability to help manage overall Corporate Risk – and it’s not that big a leap.

MARKETING: Most of the efforts we see in dealing with a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) are directed at reducing their costs in terms of what they buy (print, advertising etc.) as opposed to their more strategic Value Drivers (market penetration, brand awareness, etc.).

STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING: Our efforts in this have been limited to standardizing job descriptions and rate cards to make sure we are getting the lowest rates from personnel providers (temp. firms, engineering services, IT staff augmentation etc., etc.) as opposed to asking the hard questions around our workforce needs (both internal and external).

These are but a few (yet very critical) Value Drivers that are available for us to take advantage of on our road to the C-Suite. We will take a different approach to these Value Drivers to redefine the role of a CPO!!

Who Should Attend

This is a peer-to-peer organization and as such, you must be a Senior Procurement Executive (Director or above) within your organization to attend.

About PERT

PERT (Procurement Executive Round Table) is a collaborative, “members-only” group comprised of senior executives from Fortune 1,000 organizations. The group is a peerto- peer organization that meets quarterly to share ideas in a forum setting. Each member brings expertise and varied talents to the group which allows all members to benefit from participation. PERT addresses major Global Sourcing and Supply Chain challenges such as:

  • Making the Transition from Strategic Sourcing to Category Management (January 24, 2017)
  • TCO = Destroy Value? Going Beyond Cost and Applying Next Practices to Create Value (October 13, 2016)
  • How to Attract and Retain the “A” Team? (July 13, 2016)
  • Black Swan” Risk Management- Mitigating Sudden Changes In Trade, Immigration & Foreign Policy (May9, 2017)

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