The Mpower Group To Take Part in Chicagoland Supply Chain Forum 2018


The Mpower Group is excited to announce it’s CEO, Dalip Raheja, and COO, Anne Kohler, will be taking part in a panel discussion at the upcoming Chicagoland Supply Chain Forum on April 26, 2018 at the DePaul Center (Chicago)!

World class companies view their Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing people as a competitive advantage.  Surveys of Chief Supply Chain officers and Chief Sourcing Officers consistently rank Talent as a top focus area needed to improve business results and it has been like this for 30 years!!   In this highly interactive session, you will get to hear from an organization that is cracking the code and doing some unique things in the area of Supply Chain talent – Echo Global Logistics.  You will get the strategic perspective from their CEO and then the practical execution strategies from their Chief HR officer.  At Echo, technology and innovation merge with the competitive enthusiasm of sales to form an energetic, entrepreneurial culture focused on people.  The CEO and Head of HR from Echo will be joined by the COO of  The Mpower Group (Anne Kohler)  focused on Competency Based Talent Management.

Since competition for highly skilled Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing professionals continues to be high, organizations struggle with how to recruit, develop, challenge and retain strong resources.  Finding a professional that has the “right competencies”, a combination of process skills, change leadership skills, business savvy and consulting skills is a daunting task.  If they are lucky enough to find one, an even greater challenge is retaining that person by offering aggressive career development and growth.

What is missing is a strategy that covers the entire life cycle of Talent Management from hire to retire, with a strong competency model at its foundation. This kind of strategy enables an organization to attract top talent, offer aggressive career growth, and ensures high performance and improved business results. Recent studies show that companies who invest in managing talent enjoy a significant return on their investment.

This session will address the following:

  1. Significant gap between what Supply Chain profession needs and what is available
  2. Too much focus/availability of tactical/functional competencies whereas need is for the more strategic competencies
  3. Academic institutions not providing “product” that market values/needs
  4. Attracting and retaining new gen talent is a different ball game
  5. Talent Management not understood or in place at most corporations – mostly ad hoc approaches.

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