TCO has Failed! Value Maximization is the "Next" Practice Webinar


Join Dalip Raheja, CEO for The Mpower Group, for this webinar as he examines the underlying reasons that a Total Cost of Ownership approach to procurement will NEVER yield exceptional business results.

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Date: Friday, September 17, 2010
Time: 12:00 p.m. CDT

The last decade has been one of continued elevated awareness for Procurement & Supply Chain organizations. C-Suites have increasingly looked to these functions as a source of cost reduction and competitive advantage. This webinar will discuss the fundamental challenges that Sourcing & Supply Chain executives face today in their quest to meet rising expectations, elevate the role of their function, and drive exceptional business results.

Based on research done by The Mpower Group, we lay out an argument that says that the way Strategic Sourcing is done today ultimately destroys long-term value. It will never be the silver bullet that so many boards and CEOs expect.

What’s needed is a new approach to sourcing, a “Next” Practice.

Join us as we share how a Value-based approach to Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management can close the gap between what you are doing today and what your organization needs to be doing to drive exceptional business results.

Based on a 2009 survey of executives, analysts and industry consultants, we’ve determined that the majority of Procurement & Supply Chain organizations still struggle with many of the same challenges they faced a decade ago – despite huge investments in people, processes and technologies. We’ve concluded that this stagnation is the result of A) fundamentally weak strategies and B) poor implementation/adoption of sound strategies.


Nicolas Hummer
Director of Client Relations
The Mpower Group, Inc.


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